Andrea V

Miss Teen MaizalBurnaby

The reason why I am entering Miss Teen BC is to grow as a person, acquire new experiences, meet new people, and enjoy the workshops at the program as well as supporting the cop cancer fundraiser. In this experience I hope to gain confidence and learn more about myself.

Some things that make me unique are my abilities with languages. I speak Japanese, Spanish and English fluently which gives me the ability to interact with people in different languages which I think is something that makes me very unique. I also like to volunteer and help others by teaching them new skills, such as music because I have been playing violin for more than 6 years.

"Our happiness lies in the happiness of the other people" - Anonymous This is one of my favourites quotes because its meaning is that you should share and give your happiness to others, and that it is not all about yourself. Trying to find your own happiness is more difficult than giving someone happiness to their life, which is why this quote motivates me to give people happiness by sharing mine with them.

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