Hana G

Miss Teen Monarch Pediatric DentalVancouver

Flashing lights and glamour is the image painted of what a Beauty Pageant means, but I’m certain of its deeper impact. I joined the Miss BC pageant to simply flourish as a human. After my best friends inspiring experience here I’ve had just a glimpse of what this pageant can offer to me like fortifying self confidence, having a supportive group of women that are “bosses” and most importantly the amazing impact it will leave on the community. I aspire to take all the wisdom that I acquire from this pageant and share it with people that I love. To empower other young girls and instill a humble sense of pride so they know that they're capable, powerful and strong.

TRUTH: The elegant state of being present and transparent, or atleast the way I define it. My curiosity, discovery and unpackaging to always seek the truth is what sets me apart. Truth is what drives my 10 year old friendships, what forces me to challenge myself and never give up. I believe truth has enabled me to continue to progress and squeeze every ounce of fun into an unforgettable experience. Most importantly truth is me. I enjoy being myself around others because I can sit in the truth of who I am and accept others no matter our differences. Truth is what makes me most unique because it’s liberating, loving and exhilarating.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 This verse has always been very powerful to me. Life is unpredictable for all of us, whether we wake up another morning or sleep another night is uncertain. When things go wrong in my life this verse helps me to understand that it’s not by my will or knowledge that trials and triumphs occur. There will always be things I can’t explain, seek to find a reason for or deem unacceptable, but as someone who believes in God I know that my trust, love and belief is all I need to get through whatever life throughs at me. The good and bad.

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