Simran K

Miss AM PM RenovationsSurrey

I believe that if life is not laughing at you then give it a good tickling and my prescience is to spread this message amongst my society. I want to be a true motivation for our youngsters to achieve their goals at their best, even if they are walking down the path of thorns.

I am a person who struggles at every step of my life, to achieve everything to be successful and to be where I am today. My failures are my teachers. I am working, on my own, on a major environmental issue entitled “plastic biodegradation” and I keep on inspiring myself every morning to make my research worth it for every living creature on the planet earth.

The quote which reflects my story is: ”When you truly desire something in your life, then the whole universe will conspire to help you achieve it”. Also I believe that we all should “never give up “. No matter how far your destination is and how hard the path is, just keep going and your courage will push you more at your each and every step. I believe this is so, because I push myself every day.

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